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Levolar Forte™

Levolar Forte™ is an all-natural dietary supplement intended to support healthy blood sugar metabolism.

Amount per Capsule – 60 servings per container / 120 capsules
  •     100% Certified Organic
  •     100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Levolar Forte™ is a scientifically balanced combination of compounds derived from mushrooms. Using Levolar Forte™ in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise can help maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range.

Many of the foods we consume today are high in sugar, which can be taxing on our bodies. Levolar Forte™ is a proprietary blend of Salacia oblonga, Organic Grifola frondosa, Coprinus comatus extracts, full spectrum Organic Cordyceps sinensis, Cinnamon extracts, and Biotin.  Levolar Forte™ supports healthy blood sugar metabolism and helps maintain blood sugar levels that are already within a normal range.

Dosage: 2 capsules two times per day

Benefits of Levolar Forte™
  •     Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
  •     Supports healthy blood sugar metabolism
  •     May help maintain energy
Levolar Forte™
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