Immune Assist 24/7™

Immune Assist 24/7™ contains potent immune-enhancing ingredients for people wanting optimum immune function.

Amount per Tablet – 960 mg. 45 servings per container / 90 tablets.
  •     100% Certified Organic
  •     100% Satisfaction Guarantee

People with compromised immune function and those living in immune “hotspots” choose to use Immune Assist 24/7™.

Immune Assist 24/7™ can offer you support by optimizing your immune system supporting its efforts to locate, target, and destroy invading organisms associated with sub-optimal health and aging.

Each time-release tablet contains 320 mg of pure immune-active heteropolysaccarides, including over 150 mg of soluble 1, 3-1, 6 Beta Glucans per tablet, 400 mg of unique Cordyceps species and 80 mg of EGCG. Everything is 100% natural and formulated to be extremely potent.

Dosage: 2 tablets per day

Benefits of Immune Assist 24/7™

  •     Intense immune system support
Immune Assist 24/7™
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